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Our Story

It all began in 1982, when twin sisters, Jennifer and Heather, were born into the Griffin family. From the onset they were inseparable. Growing up in Greenville South Carolina to liberal parents, they we taught strong values of family, morality, and the importance of truth. They remained best friends through out their childhood and made a vow that they’d never drift apart.

When they both got into high school, they fell in love with writing and chasing down leads for engaging stories. The summer of their freshman year, they started their own local paper, that they handed out free in their neighborhood, which they named The Greenville Gazette. While the paper never made them any money, it was something they loved to do: write stories and sharing within their local town.

Even though they were headed to different universities, they promised to stay best friends. As part of that goal, Jennifer and Heather needed to figure out how to continue to write news stories together – so they started a Geocities website for their newspaper.

As they say… the rest is history.

The Griffins both moved back to Greenville after college and have been there ever since. They are both happily married with growing families.