A Miracle Happened After This Abused Starving Dog Was Thrown Down A Trash Chute

A dog named Patrick was tied to a railing by his heartless owners, then left to starve. They placed him near death in a garbage bag and tossed him away down a garbage chute as though he were trash. But a guardian angel must have been watching over Patrick, because he was rescued from his near-fatal plight right before the weekly garbage truck was scheduled to take its load of refuse to the San Francisco dump.

Patrick was nothing more than skin and bones, with his ribs sticking out when he was rushed to a veterinarian’s office to receive emergency medical attention. Poor Patrick looked so sad and forlorn as the medical staff did everything they could to help save him. Over time, the scared and abused dog learned to trust the touch of a human again, one that gently stroked his face and fur rather than striking it.

He was led on a leash to go for regular walks rather than tied up like some prisoner on a day to day basis. And he received nourishing foods at regular mealtimes, in addition to snacks, so that he slowly and gradually began to gain weight.

Today, Patrick looks like a brand new dog, one who is healthy and happy and enjoys playing with his toys, and snuggling up against his caretakers. The story of Patrick, the starved dog who was thrown away as trash, is one that reminds us all that with love, caring and time, miracles are possible.

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