Social Media Model Goes Too Far

Social Media Model Goes Too Far

A Instagram influencer has sparked debate after she took drastic measures on what she posted to her social media accounts.

The woman who goes unnamed, says she makes her living to fund her masters degree as a yoga instructor and by running a successful Instagram account.

She says that she makes enough money to not only live off, but it pays for vacations her boyfriend and her go on often. There’s only one catch, her boyfriend is not allowed to be in any of the photos she posts. And this makes him furious.

She explained, “I told him he can’t be in the Instagram pictures because quite literally I don’t get as many [point of sale] references to my companies when there’s a guy in the pic,”

She says she has tried to compromise with her boyfriend by letting him take and keep any photos he likes, but the ones of them together simply can’t be posted to social media.

When she went to social media to see if she was in the wrong, she got mixed responses.

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